Let’s start a petition to free Virgil Griffith.

Yes, I know it is an unpopular opinion but please let’s start a petition to free Virgil Griffith.

UPDATE: Here’s the Change.org petition to sign

Please before starting a flame war against me please read my post.

I think Virgil is a fantastic person. I met him in a Devcon a few years back and every further occasion I met him at following conferences, I always had meaningful conversations and got enriched by his wisdom. We often talked about the blockchain sector in general and how it Impacts the world. He gave me great feedback about my Blockchain Book and I am thankful.

I respect his opinions and ideas.

In general, I truly, honestly think Virgil is someone that wants to bridge gaps.

Virgil is a man of Peace.

Virgil Giffith Man of Peace, not the “Enemy”

Virgil is a guy that when there’s a fight, he steps in and tries to break it up.

Sometimes he gets the occasional punch. He knows the job risks…

He has been constantly tried to help break up fights and tried to reconcile differences. He did it before everyone else, he did it where no one wanted to do it, not because it was cool but because it was unpopular and uncomfortable and someone had to do it.

Here are a few examples:

- The Ethereum Classic Summit “ let’s make Peace” Participation

- The Islamic Finance extra requirements for Ether to be Sharia compliant

- The DPRK North Korea “Blockchain and Peace” Conference speech

I spoke with him at Buidl.Asia in Seoul conference. We talked about half an hour about his trip there, I still hold the DPRK 727 cigarette he gave me as a souvenir : )

We spoke about the role of the US government not wanting the two Koreas to reunite and make PEACE. Why the US government thinks is better to have the two Koreas separated? Not sure. I am not smart enough to understand, and also that’s above my paycheck…

We spoke about the role of the Blockchain in bringing PEACE and Ethereum being the only thing the US government can’t stop, therefore being the only obstacle in their plan.

I have nothing against the US government, nor the U.S Attorney, they had a job to act and enforce the US government law. On the contrary, I love the U.S of A. I got my College degree in the NY, most of my dearest friends are Americans…

I love America because of the Freedom of Speech…even if that speech is about “Blockchain and Peace”

If you love someone you must criticize them when you think they are wrong.

I think the US Government is wrong about Virgil.

I must admit have not seen his “Blockchain and Peace” speech, but everything he told me he presented, I believe is already common knowledge.

I have a few rethorical questions:

Do anyone honestly think, that there is something Virgil Griffith said about the blockchain at the conference that was not already available on the internet?

Does Virgil Griffith as an American Citizen have the freedom of expressing his opinions or the freedom of speech is limited when we talk about Blockchain?

Maybe the US Government honestly thinks that Blockchain technology is dangerous for money laundering, I fully understand their concern.

Can anyone give me a specific example of an information -not already public knowedge- that Virgil has passed to DPRK?

So why he is jail ?

Because discussing “smart contracts” “proof of Work” versus “proof of stake” is illegal ?

Please, let’s not have another Aaron Swartz martyr in our hands.

Please, Let’s do the right thing.

Please, Vitalik Buterin start a petition to free Virgil Griffith.

CEO/founder of https://commerc.io Interested primarily on Saas software marketing, Blockchain technology, startups & entrepreneurship topics.

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